New Products

Custom Design now offers a range of sanitation products, including holders for sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer that can be customized to accept any size and shape container.

CDI 2020 Sanitation Products

Additional Capabilities

Custom Design, Inc. is proud to announce our acquisition of a vacuum forming and die cutting company which has been moved into our main facility at 370 Commerce park Road in the Quonset Business Park. Over the past 45 years we have continually reinvested in new machinery and capabilities and we can now offer:

  • Vacuum forming with a wide variety of materials including:
    • ABS
    • HDPE
    • HIPS
    • PVC/Acrylics
  • Vacuum forming tooling for both small and large production runs
  • Steel rule die cutting tooling for any shape
  • Die cutting


Custom Design, Inc. is proud to announce our recent expansion to our main facility at 370 Commerce Park Road in the Quonset Business Park!

· We have added an additional 20,000 sq. ft. to our facility
· New space will be used for finished goods warehousing and distribution
· This increases our ability to provide drop shipping and distribution services for large scale orders
· Previously done in our off site warehouse, having the additional space on site will allow not only for this increased service but will provide the ability for us to do so faster and more efficiently for our clients

One Last Thing

40 Under Forty

Congratulations to Adam Dias for being chosen to the Providence Business News’ 2018 40 Under Forty! Adam was honored at the Aldrich Mansion as one of the most successful young businessmen and entrepreneurs in Rhode Island. PBN 2018 40 Under Forty

The Skateboard

In July of 1976, my father, who was renowned in the area for his craftsmanship and woodworking, was contacted by a local business to manufacture 1,000 oak skateboards.  Short on funds, he asked his sister if he could borrow $500 in order to purchase the oak lumber needed to produce the order.  She loaned him the money and he was able to move forward with the job in his parent’s garage in Cranston, Rhode Island.  The first skateboard he made was given to my older sister when she was young and then passed on to me.  Though it is worn and damaged from its use as a childhood toy, it hangs today above the window in my office as a reminder of how Custom Design was started more than forty years ago.  It continually serves as a reminder of humble beginnings and of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

-Adam Dias

Flag Ceremony

Custom Design celebrated flag day with a dedication ceremony for the relocated flagpole. The flagpole itself originated from the Pepsi Pavilion at the 1964 World Fair in New York City.

Custom glorifier watch box for Christophe Claret and StingHD

This box is a one of a kind as it features a custom cast solid silver skull plated with black platinum to match the StingHD patented skull (in this case a limited edition black diamond and ruby eye encrusted skull) and all custom detailed legs to accent the watch’s 30 degree inclined flying Tourbillon set. This watch is also the first ever without any link between the hands and the movement. The display itself features bottom lit red LED lights, a pivoting 90 degree hinge mechanism to hide the merchandise, a step and repeat ghost skull and cross bones print pattern, and an all laser cut steel outer shell. It is not everyday our projects get so creative so it is wonderful to be able to showcase many of our capabilities through this piece.


Custom Design, Inc: Celebrating 40 Years

Custom Design, Inc is celebrating its 40th year as a premier manufacturer of POP displays and store fixtures. Made in RI, USA. Trusted by the best brands in the world for 40+ years.