Diversification keeps N.K. firm on road to success



POINT-OF-SALE ADVERTISING is all about getting noticed. It may sound like a simple concept, but it requires just the right combination of imaging, placement and presentation to pique the interest of potential customers whose senses are otherwise being bombarded.

For nearly half a century, Custom Design Inc. has made itself stand out by making its customers do the same.

CDI’s “partner” approach

I’ve always appreciated the working relationship I’ve had with members of the CDI team including Frank, Lindsay, and Barbara; and, more recently, Oskar, Jesse and Jim.

CDI’s “partner” approach to all of our endeavors over the years has been the best! I love the stories you’ve shared about working on the original displays when you were a kid; and, you’ve carried through your dad’s commitment to —-, especially during our most recent projects – challenging as they may have been. Thank you, Adam! I am greatly appreciative of your efforts – morning/noon/night AND weekends.

Please convey to ALL my personal thanks for every effort made to address and deliver whatever we’ve needed – quality displays, accurate inventory counts, delivering on a tight timeline or generous cost consideration.
And, to the patriarch of your business – your dad – I extend my utmost respect and gratitude for his commitment to the people and project of —- over the years.

Celebrating our 40th year

Custom Design, Incorporated proudly celebrates its’ 40th anniversary. We gathered with our team, family, and friends for a wonderful celebration of 40 years of hard work!